About Us

We are a family run business, and we have our very own Cheeky Monsters at home! That’s where our story begins…

Every adventure with the Cheeky Monsters is inspired by real life.

Boring, long car journeys can turn into roaring race-track adventures; glitter balls can transform a rainy afternoon into a disco party; and cooking dinner in the kitchen can become a silly science laboratory experiment, with the ‘why?’, ‘what?’, and ‘how?’ popping up.

All our Cheeky Monsters products have been developed with children in mind, from the detail of a soft cuddly toy having pockets (that’s Cheeky Monster Glitter!) to the sparkle on a tutu (Cheeky Monster Violet!). We have tried over 100 different materials before choosing the absolute softest for our plush toys and have even tested the “cuddle factor!”

We have specifically made our storybooks in a larger size so they are perfect for bedtime reading together.

From our online shop which stocks the latest stories and soft cuddly toys, to our engaging YouTube channel and packed website full of games and activities, you can trust the Cheeky Monsters to create fun ways to play and learn together.
As a mum, and as a businesswoman, I hope you like our Cheeky Monsters and have as much fun getting to know them as we have creating them.

Creator, Cheeky Monsters