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Powered by imagination, we are committed to inspiring young minds to be curious, creative, and make every day an adventure.

We are a family run business, and we have our very own Cheeky Monsters at home! That’s where our story begins…

Every adventure with the Cheeky Monsters is inspired by real life.

While the days fly by for adults – full of endless to-do lists and the occasional unplanned happening – children imagine the most extraordinary ideas, in the most ordinary moments.

Boring, long car journeys can turn into imaginary roaring race track adventures; toy glitter balls plugged in at home can transform a rainy afternoon into a disco party; and cooking dinner in the kitchen can become a silly science laboratory experiment, with the ‘why?’, ‘what?’, and ‘how?’ popping up at every opportunity.

As Walt Disney himself said, “curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”. Having worked for The Walt Disney Company (or Disney as it is well known) for more than 12 years in London, I can truly say that playing alongside your child is the best path to realising that “imagination has no age”.

As a mum, and as a businesswoman, I hope you like our Cheeky Monsters and have as much fun getting to know them as we have creating them.

Creator, Cheeky Monsters

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